Churches serving schools


These are the things we'd love to be able to do for EVERY SCHOOL:

  • ASSEMBLIES/LESSONS... Help every student hear something about Jesus from people who know him 6 times a year in their assemblies and/or through regular lessons.
  • CHURCH LINKS... Identify at least one local church community that is regularly and positively connecting with the school in various ways (see below!)
In addition to this, in EVERY SECONDARY SCHOOL we'd also love to:
  • LESSONS... Provide regular lessons where students have the chance to learn about Christianity from Christians.
  • CLUB... Run a weekly lunch club where students can have fun, ask big questions and say what they think. 


How can churches LOVE their local schools and connect with them regularly and positively?  Here are just a few areas we've identified where there could be LOTS of ideas to try...


1. PRAY!  Identify which primary and secondary school(s) are nearest to where your church meets and help everyone in your church to pray for those schools!  You could use maps, emails, tweets, services, prayer meetings, prayer letters, videos, interviews with children and teachers, visits from the PACE team, notices, prayer cards and all sorts of other things!  Anything to help your church family to pray for the children, young people, families and teachers who are part of your local schools!


2. DO SCHOOLSWORK!  Your church might have leaders and others who could be involved in visiting your local schools to lead or help with assemblies, lessons or lunchtime clubs with members of the PACE team or at other times.  How generous can your church be with people's time to help people in schools explore the Christian faith?  95% of them probably won't have any other connection with any Christian children's work or youth work but they will learn about Jesus in school.  Could you help?


Your church might have families with children who go to these schools.  You could encourage, pray for and inspire parents as they befriend other parents on the school gate or by being involved in the school in other ways as volunteers.  How can you as a church help those of you who are parents or foster carers to make the most of every opportunity to love these schools and to help people find out more about Jesus if they'd like to?


4. ENCOURAGE YOUR CHILDREN AND YOUNG PEOPLE!  If your church has parents then your church probably has children and young people who are part of your local schools every day.  How can you encourage and pray for them as they learn with others, build friendships, make a difference, talk about knowing Jesus and invite their friends to activities your church runs?   

5. BE A BLESSING!  How can your church be generous to your local schools in other ways?  It could be financial gifts to help achieve something specific a school needs, or just bless the staff at key points in the year.  It may well be about people giving time to the school to help with various things: school trips, sports days, classroom support, low-level pastoral care, mentoring, fundraising, running stalls and activities for special events throughout the year.  It could be all sorts of things.  Why not speak to the Headteacher and ask them how you can serve the school?


6. BE ACCESSIBLE!  If and when children, young people and their families turn up to activities and Sunday services your church runs, what will they find?  How welcoming, accessible and helpful is your church to visitors who don't know much about Christianity?  What about all ages with various needs?  How can you help parents to help their children?  How can the whole church family help the youngest members?  Think about what you do when you gather people.  Imagine all ages and all sorts of people are there.  How will this affect the way you lead services on Sundays and the activities you run at other times in the week?