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Assemblies, or ‘acts of worship’, are a moment in the school day for students to gather together as a community and think about something important so that every student has the opportunity to consider, reflect and respond.

Our creative, engaging and inclusive assemblies provoke thinking, include biblical content and invite personal reflection and practical response. They're also a lot of FUN!

Assemblies are also an opportunity for every student to know the PACE workers and to hear about other activities that we run in school.

Watch some of our assemblies


The place where most of the learning happens! Students grapple with new ideas, ask questions and gain valuable experiences that will serve them well in their school life and beyond.

Often the best way to learn about what Christians believe is to have one in the room and ask them all about it! We provide Christian guests for RE lessons to teach particular topics, share their stories or answer any questions the students have. We are flexible enough to serve the learning objectives and experienced at delivering high quality lessons. 
Extra-curricular opportunities for students to pursue interests, make new friends and enrich their learning experience at school.

We run lunch clubs and after school clubs to help students ask their biggest questions and investigate the life and claims of Jesus. Everyone is welcome whatever their beliefs or background. Our clubs are creative, engaging and a lot of fun!

Clubs are an opportunity for students to explore their personal ‘spiritual journey’ and consider their own response to Jesus.