Pastoral Care Work


The PACE Trust is committed to:

  • Providing regular individual supervision for PCWs  
  • Providing regular network meetings to give relevant training, reflect on best practice and share with other PCWs  
  • Meeting with the PCW line manager/head teacher at least once a year to ensure the supervision is meeting the needs and expectations of the school


The PACE Trust provides external consultative support through its supervision. The main objective of supervision is to ensure the Pastoral Care Worker maintains ethical competence and confidence in their work with pupils.


The supervision process enables PCWs to think creatively so that they can give the best possible service to the pupils and families they support.


It is essential that PCWs have regular supervision in order to sustain professional standards and enable the quality of work to be monitored within the school setting.


Supervision supports the emotional wellbeing of the PCW and offers responsive training to up-skill the worker.


We also encourage the PCWs to share the learning they receive with other staff in their school.


The cost is £495 for the 2021-22 academic year which covers:

  • 12 individual supervision sessions (1hr each) 
  • 5 PCW networking mornings (2hrs each)  
  • PCW inset training day in June 
  • Emergency phone supervision service


The support, training and supervision costs have been kept to an absolute minimum to make them affordable to the school. There has been no increase in fees this year in recognition of the increased needs schools are experiencing as we recover from Covid-19 and as a gesture of goodwill. All costs are subsidised through the PACE Trust. 


"I believe supervision plays a key role in helping share the emotional impact on professionals of their work and the opportunity to improve practice."

Julian Churchill, Headteacher of Heatherlands Primary School in Poole





Pauline Horder - Pastoral Care Work Manager
Pauline is a qualified counselling psychologist and youth worker with many years’ experience in youth work and counselling. She is also a play and creative therapist. Having worked for a county Youth Service in different roles, including setting up a county-wide youth counselling service, Pauline joined the PACE Trust as Pastoral Care Work Manager in 2002. Pauline is responsible for the ongoing support and professional supervision of the Pastoral Care Workers. She provides 1:1 supervision and tailored training to ensure the quality of service by PCWs.


Lynley Wilkes - Pastoral Care Work Supervisor
Lynley is a qualified youth and community worker with more than 30 years’ experience working with children and young people, including training youth workers.  Her past experience includes working on a crisis line for women who have been abused, in a drop- in for those with substance abuse and as a Transition Worker, supporting vulnerable pupils transferring from junior to secondary schools. Lynley joined PACE in 2008 to supervise and support Pastoral Care Workers across Bournemouth, Poole and Christchurch.


Sandy Carter - Pastoral Care Work Supervisor & Administrator

Sandy worked for 10 years as a pastoral care worker in a local primary school. She has completed counselling training to diploma level and has had previous experience as an administrator. She took up this new post in September 2020.


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