Assembly and lesson videos!

Check here each week for new videos we're creating of assemblies for primary age and RE lessons for secondary age.  Please feel free to use them at school, at home and share them with everyone!  

A fresh start (an assembly for primary school age)
This assembly by Andy Mason is ideal for the run-up to Easter.

Introduction to Christianity (a lesson for secondary school age)
The first lesson looks at the basic beliefs of Christianity and what it means to trust and follow Jesus.  This lesson helps us understand the Christian EXPLANATION of why we're here, the human problem, the solution and the choice we all have.

Available Monday 20th April  

Who is Jesus? - Available Monday 20th April
This lesson looks at the impact of Jesus on the world, what he said about himself, and what Christians believe about him.  We also touch on some of the EVIDENCE for Christianity.

Available Monday 27th April

3 stories - Available Monday 27th April
The final lesson features 3 modern day Christians sharing their stories of transformation, miraculous healing and experiences of God's love.  It's about people's EXPERIENCES of being in a relationship with God.

More episodes to follow :)

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