Please use our online Gift Aid form if applicable

Please use our online Gift Aid form if applicable

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Account name: Programme for Applied Christian Education
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PACE partners with churches in Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole to serve the schools.
The SCHOOLS WORK side of our work is focused on helping everyone in schools explore the Christian faith.  We provide Christian visitors and videos for assemblies, lessons and lunch clubs.  We're helping churches in the area to serve over 75% of the 120 or so schools in the area and during lockdown our videos have received over 20,000 views. 

95% of children and young people in the UK don't have any connection with any church activities.  But they DO go to school every day and they DO have to learn about Christianity!  Teachers in schools want their students to have opportunities to hear about Christianity from people who follow Jesus.  We want to help them!
PACE does not charge schools for the input by its schools workers or volunteers.
The Charity is funded by voluntary donations from individual supporters of PACE and from local churches and trusts.  
The PASTORAL CARE side of our work is a partnership with local schools and is primarily funded by the schools and Trusts.  A fee is charged to the schools for the training and professional supervision that the Pastoral Care Workers receive.

We cherish each and every donation we receive.  A regular gift of even a small amount is particularly helpful as it helps us to plan a sustainable future for the work.