Partner Churches

We are incredibly grateful to have such a good relationship with so many local churches who support PACE in various ways.  Could your church become a PACE Partner Church?  It means a commitment to support PACE in the following ways:


Partner Churches will choose a 'PACE Church Champion': someone from their church who will be responsible for helping the church fulfill the commitments below.  They could be one of the main leaders of the church, but not necessarily.  It's a great opportunity to encourage someone in your church who is a committed PACE supporter already and they might well be the best person to help others get involved because they care about it so much.


PACE Partner Churches will commit to praying regularly for PACE.  This could happen in all sorts of ways:
  • Encouraging as many members as possible to sign up for the termly PACE Newsletter.  This can be done here. 
  • A ‘PACE Sunday’ once a year where there’s a particular focus on the work of PACE and someone from the team visits to give feedback and update the church about what’s going on and how to pray.  We’d be very happy to visit more than once a year if that would be helpful.
  • Include PACE regularly in notices, whether onscreen or printed, so that people are regularly reminded to pray.


Partner Churches will commit to encouraging people to consider volunteering with PACE.  This can be done here.  The more people we have, the more we can do in schools.  Every local church probably has at least 1-2 people who are flexible during the day who might love to get involved.  For Partner Churches, this number is likely to be higher and the Church Champion’s role includes regularly inviting people publicly and personally to consider how they could help us serve the schools.


Partner Churches will commit to giving regularly to PACE.  This can be done here.  We benefit a great deal from the generous regular giving of local churches and individuals.  More financial support means more qualified and experienced people doing more work in more schools.

If you would like to talk to us about being a PACE Partner Church, please get in touch!