Our goals for schools


These are the things we'd love to be able to do for EVERY SCHOOL:
  • ASSEMBLIES/LESSONS... Help every student hear something about Jesus from people who know him 6 times a year in their assemblies and/or through regular lessons.
  • CHURCH LINKS... Identify at least one local church community that is regularly and positively connecting with the school in various ways.
In addition to this, in EVERY SECONDARY SCHOOL we'd also love to:
  • LESSONS... Provide regular lessons where students have the chance to learn about Christianity from Christians.
  • CLUB... Run a weekly lunch club where students can have fun, ask big questions and say what they think.


Churches are already serving about 75% of all the schools in Bournemouth, Poole and Christchurch in various ways that help students explore the Christian faith.  We are always looking to build more teams for more schools and we are grateful for all the opportunities that we have to help more and more students.